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Taxus Street Coffee

Coffee Roaster in Chesapeake, VA

Taxus Street Coffee Website Enhancement

Taxus Street Coffee is a small, family-owned coffee company based in Chesapeake, VA, committed to providing exceptional coffee experiences. When Taxus Street Coffee approached us, they sought to revamp their outdated website and establish a cohesive brand identity that reflected their values and commitment to quality.

Our collaboration with Taxus Street Coffee encompassed a comprehensive overhaul of their website, focusing on enhancing user experience, aligning with their branding, and implementing functionalities to support their business operations, including wholesale coffee distribution.

We worked closely with Taxus Street Coffee to ensure that the redesigned website accurately reflected their brand identity, conveying their unique personality and commitment to excellence. From color schemes to typography, every aspect was meticulously curated to resonate with their target audience.

Recognizing the importance of convenience and accessibility, we integrated robust e-commerce capabilities into the website. Customers can now easily order coffee ahead, purchase bulk shipments for home delivery, and explore the diverse range of offerings available from Taxus Street Coffee.

In response to the specific needs of Taxus Street Coffee’s business model, we implemented a dedicated platform for vendors to place wholesale orders seamlessly. This streamlines the ordering process, enhances efficiency, and strengthens partnerships with wholesale clients.


The result is a revamped Taxus Street Coffee website that not only showcases their products and brand story but also facilitates seamless interactions for both retail customers and wholesale partners. The website serves as a dynamic hub for coffee enthusiasts to explore, engage, and transact with ease.

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By providing Taxus Street Coffee with a visually appealing and functional online platform, we’ve empowered them to expand their reach, strengthen customer relationships, and drive business growth. Whether ordering a cup of coffee on the go or stocking up for wholesale distribution, customers can now experience the essence of Taxus Street Coffee with unparalleled convenience.

We are honored to have collaborated with Taxus Street Coffee on this transformative project and invite you to explore the newly enhanced website to savor the rich flavors and stories behind each cup.